Aparee (dec.)

Graded Trakehners Australia Studbook A
Registered: AWHA, Arabian Warmblood

Bay Trakehner stallion by Benito (imp) out of Ariadne (imp). Ariadne was the first warmblood mare to be imported into Australia (in 1974).  Aparee has two full siblings Beefeater Azal (dam of Alfenbeau) and Excelsior Azel (dam of Excelsior Athlete by Lutz).  Aparee is a very handsome and elegant stallion.  He combines the very successful jumping lines of Benito with the dressage lines of Totilas.  He is a half brother to Alberich, sire of Patou.

Benito was an FEI Showjumping stallion by Herbststurm, he also competed to FEI level in dressage.

Ariadne (imp) is by the same sire as Polarschnee (imp). Polarschnee was the sire of Jaegermeister, who was a member od the NZ team for the Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta, the bay gelding won the Bronze medal with the NZ team. Ariadne was the first Trakehner to be imported into Australia.

Aparee is related to Arbenglanz, FEI gelding in the Dressage WA Talent Squad. And Elkhorn Giselle 5th mare overall in Australia at the ACE classifications.

black stallion
Fam, (BERGFRIEDE, o 119 a
stallion 1962 black
lic: Trakehner
Trakehner 090013052
1952 black
lic: Trakehner
Trakehner 090007043
1943 brown
lic: Trakehner
KoketteTrakehner 090069138
1938 brown
Trakehner elite
1957 black
Trakehner DE309090022438
1938 darkbrown 1.63m
lic: Trakehner
1942 black
Fam, (BERGFRIEDE, o 119 a
( goerke laboe)
Trakehner 090005950
1950 black
lic: Trakehner
Trakehner 090006642
1942 chestnut 1.65m
lic: Trakehner
Erbin 111T
rakehner 090058635
1935 black
1955 darkbrown 1,56m
Trakehner DE309090022438
1938 darkbrown 1.63m
lic: Trakehner
bay mare
Fam. AKURATE, o 27 b
Gazal VII
Shagya Arab 310060244
stallion 1944 grey
lic: Arab
Gazal 11
Shagya Arab
1922 grey
lic: Arab
Gazal 1
Shagya Arab
lic: Arab
74 Shagya XVI
Shagya Arab
129 Shagya XXVArab
Shagya XXV
Shagya Arab
lic: Arab
96 Shagya XXIArab
Annette 111Trakehner 3390
mare 1964 darkbrown
Trakehner DE309090022438
1938 darkbrown 1.63m
lic: Trakehner
Trakehner DE309090183727
1927 darkbrown
lic: Trakehner
1934 brown
Trakehner 1381
1947 brown
Trakehner 090008738
1938 black 1.63m
lic: Trakehner
Trakehner 090002932
1932 chestnut

Herbststurm was an imposing sire with great charisma and shining beauty. Champion Stallion of the DLG at Cologne in 1970. Prior to his sale to Denmark at the age of 12, Herbststurm left 68 registered broodmares, among them were numerous valuable mares which belong to the most outstanding of their era. A stallion of outstanding quality, Herbststurm’s offspring were known to possess his wonderful presence, outstanding bone, substance and correct conformation, with excellent breed type and honest character. Particularly successful cross on mares with high content of thoroughbred blood. Herbststurm was also used extensively in Oldenburg to refine and improve the Oldenburg breed

Champion and top prize winning black stallion of particular beauty who stood as Chief Stallion at Schmoel, then went on to stand at the state-run establishment at Achselschwang in Bavaria where he contributed to the Bavarian horse breeding industry numerous premium mares and licensed stallions. A self-confident, lively and highly noble stallion, the impressive Komet possessed great body harmony and clar breed type. Komet was a great mover, demonstrating energetic, rhythmical paces. With his valuable genes, Komet proved to be an important producer of excellent quality riding and competition horses. He has had a large impact on Trakehner breeding through his notable sons Gunnar, Hergbstglanz, Hessenstein and Herbststurm.

Benito (imp)

Foaled in 1957, Herbstgold was known to produce horses of good character, above average movement and rideability. Of her 15 foals produced, this beautiful Totilas daughter produced four approved stallions (Hertilas, Herststurm, Herzbube and Herzkonig). She was indeed an extremely valuable mare to the breed.

A foundation mare at the Schmoel and Rantzau studs, Kokette was a magnificent example of a mare of classic Trakehner type. One of the most outstanding broodmares in the history of West German Trakehner breeding. In West Germany she produced nine foals in eleven breeding years, which included the approved stallions Neuland by Neuling (exported to Colombia as a breeding stallion), Kornett by Wilder Jager (in 1952 was acquired by a Trakehner stud farm in Italy), as well as Komet and his brother Kobalt (both by Goldregen). Her ability to consistently produce foals of excellent quality, good character and sociable temperament must be praised. In 1951 Kokette was awarded first place at the DLG Exhibit in Frankfurt/Main and also received the title of the best warmblood mare at the exhibition

Foaled in 1917, one of the great names in the history of Trakehner breeding and one of the most important stallions of his period was Cancara. A remarkable horse, Cancara was an untiring performer in the sporting field, qualities which he transmitted to his progeny. Known for producing performance horses which rose to fame in the equestrian sport of the time. His daughters Donna and Kokette were two of the most outstanding broodmares in the history of West German Trakehner breeding.

Aparee at 24 years old

Gazal VII was born in 1944 in Babolna, Hungary during the evacuation of the Stud to Bergstetten. He is one of the most significant sons of the outstanding stallion Gazal II.

Although he did not go to Germany until he was 23 years old, he had a decisive influence on the Shagya breed there. He had an imposing frame and crest of neck, very marked withers, a long croup with smooth and dry coupling and joints. He had great self confidence and calmness and stood 15.31/2 hands. Gazal VII has been called the “Stallion of the Century” – the embodiment of the breeding goal of the modern Shagya Arabian.

Altogether there were 19 licensed sons of Gazal VII at stud in Germany. Several of his sons have been used in other German Warmblood breeds, including Czardas (Hanoverian), Gazal (Trakehner and East Friesian), Anakreon (Hanoverian), Nasrallah (Trakehner), and Amor (Trakehner, Hanoverian and Rheinlander).

A son, Gazal VII 19 was foaled in Babolna in 1956 out of 205 Kuhailan Zaid OX. Standing for six years in Ostfriesland, he bred 626 warm blood mares and produced several approved stallions. Then leased to the Trakehner Verband, between 1968-1971, he produced 23 registered daughters, whose descendants excel in competition. One of his daughters, Heimchen was bred to Parforce, who himself has Shagya blood through Habicht and produced Phantom who in 1996 was the leading money winning Trakehner and in 1999 is still listed at the top of the Trakehner earnings list. His lifetime earnings are almost twice the earnings of other Trakehners.

He had several approved sons of which probably Polarschnee had the greatest influence. Walter Sauer took him to Australia, where he became an eventer and Grand Prix jumper. From 1984 to 1988 he stood in New Zealand and there are 119 descendants. His son, Jaegermeister out of Just Luck XX was the most successful event horse worldwide.

We had some lovely news from a lady that used to rider Aparee’s grandsire (Gazal 11) in Austria;

Aparee and Sharon
Aparee as a young colt…being backed by Andrew McLean
Benito is the Sire of the following horses in Australia;
  • Elkhorn Giselle
  • Elkhorn Ebenito (state Dressage Squad)
  • Anito
  • Australasia
  • Beluga (advanced dressage champion)
  • My Learned Friend – National Dressage Champion
  • Chazar Mystic Comet (2006 Australian Champion Arabian Warmblood)
  • Exclusive Armani (dressage champion)
Ariadne is the dam of the following horses in Australia;
  • Australasia (by Benito)
  • Alberich (by Elfenglanz) sire of Patou top 5 mare at the ACE classifications.
  • Aparee (by Benito)
  • Azel (by Benito)
  • Anito (by Benito)
  • Alpha (by Aquillo xx) dam of Finistere, Roz Tippets GP horse
  • Ariadne Jade